Piotr Tubelewicz

P. TubelewiczA graduate of the University of Warsaw with a degree in sociology and history.

A long-time partyworker, he works with people who inject drugs at the central railway station in Warsaw.

Graduate of the advanced stage of the Study of Sociotherapy and Psychotherapy of Youth at the Krakow Psychodynamic Centre.

He worked as a university grant holder and has evaluated prevention programmes (e.g. the wider "Safe School" programme commissioned by IBE). In 2016 and 2017, a clerk for addiction prevention in Gorzów Wielkopolski was also responsible for social consultations of the department.

Former chairman of the Wierzbno Estate Council in Warsaw, councillor of the estate, former member of the committee for the participatory budget in the Mokotów district and active member of the Miasto Jest Nasze.

Professionally, he also writes social programs for territorial self-government units.

He is an anti-discrimination coach in the project of, among others, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development in 2017-2018.