Marcin Chałupka


Website on harm reduction and human rights. What substances you use is political. The war on drugs, which started over 100 years ago, did not meet its goals. The representatives of the international movement for the reform of drug policy have been talking about this for a long time. In recent years, even the authors of restrictive laws, such as the former President of the Republic of Poland, Aleksander Kwasniewski, have admitted this more loudly. Despite this, most countries still criminalise drug possession, and in some countries the death penalty is still a threat. Ruthless prosecution of users of psychoactive substances is no longer the only binding model for regulating access to drugs. Citizens of Uruguay can buy the highest quality marijuana in a local pharmacy. So do residents of 8 states in the USA who buy legal cannabis from commercial stores. Canada is working on a reform that will allow it to join the countries that regulate the cannabis market.

Criminalization of the "drug problem" does not solve it at all, but only increases the individual and social costs associated with drug use and addiction: marginalization, crime, exclusion, and finally mortality among addicts. On the other hand, the experience of countries with harm reduction policies shows that there is an alternative. Heroin addicts in Switzerland are not sentenced to life under constant pressure from fines and sentences, but can use substances under hygienic conditions under medical control.

We believe that a drug policy based on the principles of harm reduction is the foundation of a just and modern society. Working together with dozens of organisations from Poland and around the world, we are trying to change the language of public debate and fight against narcophobia, and to provide rational and scientific grounds for effective prevention, education and treatment of addicts.

The reform of drug policy should not be limited to changing the law, but should build a coherent political strategy, including the organisation of the health care system, the education system, cultural policy, urban policy, the justice system and its executive bodies.

On Narkopolityka you will find articles, interviews and reports on drugs in Poland and abroad. You will learn how drug law evolves and what changes to expect in the future.

Since 2008, the Political Criticism community has been actively involved in the campaign for the rationalisation of Polish narcopolitics, based on human rights. We publish books (Drug Policy. Guide to Political Criticism, Disenchantment, Drug Wars, Lower School of Driving, Who in Poland has HIV?, Encyclopedia of Polish psychedelia, Children of the Drug War, Medical Marijuana. We organized dozens of debates, conferences and cultural events throughout the country and Ukraine, launched a comprehensive website devoted to the topic of psychoactive substances, our representatives often speak in the media, trying to change the public perception of the use of psychoactive substances. We run special information campaigns, such as: Take a dose of your rights (a guide for people who have been detained by the police and have banned substances), a Guide for parliamentarians (and not only) (a collection of myths and truths about psychoactive substances), a Teacher, a teacher, take a dose of knowledge (methods and scenarios for youth activities within harm prevention). Many activists and activists of Krytyka Polityczna were directly involved in local actions supporting social initiatives, aiming at practical implementation of the idea of harm reduction. Through involvement in these activities, a wide range of cooperation was established with representatives of public institutions, NGOs and informal initiatives.


Marcin Chałupka
Project Coordinator, Drug Policy Program Coordinator; <br/ >Born 1984, graduate of Philosophy and Journalism and Social Communication at the University of Gdansk.

Since November 2009, he has worked for the Stanislaw Brzozowski Association, until October 2012 as coordinator in the cultural center in Tricity (coordination of cultural and social projects, PR management, event organizer, editor of cultural centre’s website and social media channels),


since March 2013 in the headquarters of the Association in Warsaw as project coordinator (especially responsible for the coordination of the drug policy program run by the Association and other social campaigns).

Editor at-large of the Narkopolityka web section, author of articles dedicated to drug policy reform.

Since 2016 responsible for the coordination of the network of Krytyka Polityczna’s expets and activists.