Sex Work Polska

Sex Work Polska is an informal coalition on the rights of sex workers in Poland. The coalition brings together both people working in the different sectors of the sex industry and sex workers’ rights activists. Sex Work Polska has been created in 2014, it is member organisation of the International Committee on the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe (ICRSE).

Our goals:

  • enhancing human and labour rights of sex workers in Poland;
  • supporting self-organisation and self-determination of sex worker community in Poland;
  • challenging stigmatisation and discrimination experienced by sex workers;
  • developing and disseminating reliable and evidence-based knowledge about the sex industry and the situation of sex workers in Poland.

Our values

  • recognition of sex work as work;
  • recognition of sex workers’ agency and autonomy;
  • opposition to any forms of sex work and sex workers’ criminalisation.