June 26 is the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, established in 1987 by the UN General Assembly. In the spirit of the war on drugs and drug addiction, it is meant to be a sign of increasing effectiveness in combating them, a symbol of international cooperation in making societies drug-free.
In different parts of the world, celebrations take different forms. Some countries boast about the number of drugs seized, others about the number of arrests. It is bitterly ironic that June 26 is also the UN proclaimed International Day in Support of Victims of Torture.
Support. Don't punish (www.supportdontpunish.org) is a global campaign that speaks out against the ruthless, destructive drug prohibition that is a war on people who use drugs. It calls for reform of the global drug control system and drug policies, which should prioritize the protection of human rights and public health.
Calls for the decriminalization of the use and possession of psychoactive substances for personal use, the elimination of the death penalty for drug offenses, and the reallocation of financial resources to public health and harm reduction efforts. The devastating consequences of this decades-long war cannot be reversed, but they can be minimized or partially stopped.

PREKURSOR Foundation for Social Policy has been taking part in the campaign for years, organizing meetings, discussions, and film screenings. Our events are dedicated to people who use drugs and aim to create a space for safe and open conversation.
A part of the campaign is an interactive photo project (www.supportdontpunish.org/ photoproject). Photos with the campaign slogan are posted on the international gallery platform.